Sunday, November 1, 2015

"30 Days of Water Colours" Challenge!

I don't know about you, but I find in this busy world of ours I don't get through my to-do & my to-do-wish list each day. So I don't actually get to create art daily - yep, kinda sad coming from an artist! 
For the month of November I will be posting a new water colour painting online at 8am daily! It's an exciting (and slightly insane) art journey, that will see me getting up before the sun each morning and painting away. 

So to commit to this insanity, I thought I'd make it binding by committing to you, my online peeps. I will be posting the photos on Facebook at 8am each morning. 

A new water colour painting will be posted at 8am daily on Facebook.
These original art pieces will be for sale and at an extremely affordable price. My thoughts on the pricing were - original art is not always within everyones budget to buy.... and every home should have some. So this is my way of getting some lovely original art onto walls of happy homes, immersing myself in expanding my skills in water colours, starting my day off in with a creative kick and helping me to afford some art supplies along the way. 
Totes awesome right?

The first water colour artwork that goes on sale starts at $30... and the price goes up $1 daily. First person to comment SOLD in the comments section on Facebook, gets her for their wall =)

A note on pricing - My usual water colour pricing starts from $85 for A5 size and $180 for A4
Sale price is for "30 Days of water colour" art challenge ONLY.

- Please note, commissioning prices and framing prices have gone up slightly this week, as I am creating bigger paintings, they take longer to create and cost more to frame and post! -
If you do see one that you absolutely loved and have missed out on, contact me at or via Facebook and I can create one for you - I will still give a discount on my standard prices, a custom creation (up to A4 size) will be $110 this week, rather than $180. 
But I will only be taking on a certain amount of water colour commissions at this price per week. So be quick!

Postage and handling is added to the price of the art piece: $20 Australia wide and $25 International. I post once a week on Fridays.

The water colour paintings are created on 300gsm water colour paper and come ready for you to frame - Alternatively I can put your artwork together in a frame for you, just let me know and add on $60 ($90 international, due to weight) to the price to cover framing cost and extra postage weight....framing price has gone up this week, due to art work size being A4, frames are bigger - sitting at 33cmx 43cm

Previous Smaller Framing details. 
Rectangle framed art - dimensions 33cm x 23cm.
Square framed art - dimensions 25cm x 25cm.

A payment slip will be sent through to you via email once purchased, with the total and requesting postal address details.

- Framing Example -

There will be a different theme each week:
"Animal Kingdom"
"Birds Oh Glorious Birds"
"Florals and Quotes"
"Feminine Ways"

So I'd love to see you along for the journey....I am going to be needing some encouraging banter along the way and probably a kick up the bum here and there to keep me going =)

If you are new around here - don't forget to check out my lovely new website =)