Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Mural Art By The Sillier Than Sally Crew

Another few fun days were had at the Airtasker offices in the City, for their office beautification/colour project!   Cara and I spent 2 full days creating a mural across 3 columns in their offices, to bring some colour and fun into their work lives....white walls are so yesterday =)

The Brief - Bring colour and life into the office. Incorporate the Airtasker theme, flavor and three logos. Fresh, Funky and fun......All, while not destroying the carpet!
So we created a fun, bright environment where Airtasker runners went about their errands.

Check out the awesome new Airtasker company!  Airtasker is a community marketplace where people can outsource everyday tasks and errands to friendly and reliable people.  It’s so easy and free to post! 
Facebook.  or   Website.
Seriously this is the next big thing... outsource any job you like, or pick up some spare odd jobs (like the mural we did)...It's just brill, and the site is so easy to use!!

So rather than waffle on any more here are some photos of our handy work
The Airtasker Office, and Cara getting stuck into the painting.

The Mural design is spread across 3 large columns, totally around 8m long x 2.5 m high.
Thats a lot of space to cover!

The finished (fantabulous) mural!

Shot from the other side of the columns.

The lovely Cara and myself.... after a long day of painting!

The entire 1st column.....

The entire 2nd Column....

and the entire last column...

A great time was had all round, working on this mammoth of a mural and with the great Airtasker team.

Do you have a wall space that needs a bit of Sillier than Sally beautification??  =)
If so give us a bell.

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