Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sillier than Sally at the Markets This Saturday and Sunday

Cara and Amy from the Sillier Than Sally crew are showing off our lovely handmade wares this Saturday and Sunday at two different markets =)

Saturday the STS crew are holding a stall at the new (and awesome) "Favourite Things" Market at the Beach Road Hotel in it is a new event they are starting things off with a actually becomes a mini indoor music festival as the day does on as well.

....and on Sunday the crew will be at the Artisan Eveleigh Market at the Carriage works, near Redfern.
Head down say hello and check out these brill markets =)

So this is Sal signing off from Scotland....I think I want to pack up house and move here, it is so on scotland and art journaling coming in the next few days =)

xxx Sal

Monday, June 18, 2012

Art Journaling throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Africa.... Adventure here I come!!

So, I have been meaning to write this blog for a week or so now, but time has just gotten away from me, as we have been quite busy at Sillier Than Sally.

Today I am heading off for an overseas adventure, which is great, as it is one of my favorite things to do =)  I am particularly excited about this trip, as I will be art journaling/sketching my way through all our amazing destinations, and bringing it all together with a solo art exhibition after my return to Sydney.

I am super excited (many happy dances have been thrown in my daily routine of late) as I am off on another overseas adventure and also that I will be having a solo exhibition at the end of the year.

So for this trip, Brett (my lovely husband) and myself are off to Scotland, to see the highlands, where his ancestors came from and just to soak up the beautiful country side.... Then it is over to the ever so lovely Ireland to catch up with my fabulous rellos.... After that it is over to London, where we will be working at the London Olympic Games, at the Gymnastics Venue, in Greenwich. I have worked at the Olympics many times over the years...and it is without doubt one of the most exciting, intense, amazing events to be involved in.

Then we head to AFRICA!!!
As you can tell by all the exclamation marks... I am very very excited to be heading to Africa. Africa has been on my "list" since I could pretty much walk...we are starting in Kenya and over 7 weeks we are making our way overland down to Cape Town... with me trying to pat and hug every creature small or large along the way. Brett did suggest along with all our other many vaccine shots we had to get for Africa, that I get a rabies shot as well... my habit of hugging animals has gotten me into trouble in the past, but I am sure I will be fine =)

 I have created a pretty awesome sketch book/journal out of a vintage kids book, and I am of course going to put it to good throughout this adventure, I will be creating an art journal of all our travels, and blogging about it here. There will be artwork from my journal, lots of crazy stories (there always is for some reason), photos and who knows what else. 

The lovely Cara - my sister/business partner/best friend/co-designer, will be taking hold of the Sillier Than Sally reins while I am away, we have built up so many lovely designs lately to keep the ball rolling....we are even opeing an online shop!! More on that next blog. Cara will also be holding markets like usual.

Next market is Sunday the 30th of June in Bondi, So pop down and say hi to her.

Well I must go, and finish packing if I want to catch my flight in time, so check back here soon as I will be updating once or twice a week!