Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talent!! - VazquezSounds Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

Kids these days, so talented!
Just sharing the inspirational love....

Three young siblings from Mexico are attracting heavy attention for their cover of Adele’s thumping pop anthem, “Rolling in the Deep,” to the tune of nearly 3 million YouTube pageviews in just 12 days.
Siblings Angie, Gustavo and Abelardo Vazquez — known as VazquezSounds — uploaded the video Nov. 10. Aside from netting massive pageviews, the video has helped the band’s recently created YouTube channel break into the top 40 most-subscribed channels for musicians in Mexico with 24,000 subscribers.
VazquezSounds has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN en EspaƱol and other media outlets.
Here’s a breakdown of each sibling’s age and musical talent, which is on display in the above video:
Angie: 10, vocals, Gustavo: 13, drums, Abelardo: 15, piano, guitar and bass

xxx Sal

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hooray!! Finally, a new studio space!!

At long long last, I have a studio space that's big enough to spread out in,
and fit all my bits and pieces....I have A LOT of art related bits and pieces, ranging from vintage material, to half painted canvases, to a pretty fancy button collection, to random bits of vintage paper from the world over, to beads that I started collecting when I was 10, to a book collection dating back 100 years, to a fine collection of spray paints, to an interesting array of match box labels from India, Sweden, Austria and Germany......
I think I should stop here, I'm starting to look like a freak!

I am loving the space, and being able to create daily.
I am super super I thought Id share it with the blogasphere!

Life lately has been all about creating.
Life is just fabulous =)

The Sillier than Sally design label is getting its fair amount of attention lately.
Cara (my sister) and I are designing a fabulous wearable art and accessories line...starting with clutches
and bunting...moving onto jewelry soon.
The design line, is fresh, funky and a little bit fruity, it will be for sale soon at the markets and boutique shops...More to come on that in a later blog =)

In my excitement I have taken some photos of my new studio space, to some it may look slightly like my dads dining room/bar room....but that's just silly talk =) =) Its MY studio!
Our mascots and visitor's we have had recently.....

And yes in case you were wondering those huntsmen were the size of my fist.
Big fellas!

Well I have shared, now I am exhausted form all the excitement, and I'm off to my labba.
So much happening in the Sillier than Sally world.
Will talk again soon.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Proposal Of The Year!

Hello hello.
I have been on hiatus for a while, life has been busy....but Im not that easy to get rid of =)
Chech out this lovely, highly entertaining link.
Its the best proposal of the year!!

I will be back soon, with an update on all thats been happinging in the world of Sillier than, interesting links, engagement and wedding photos and interesting honeymoon name it,
all are coming your way!