Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sparkling New STS Website on it's way!

Life has been pretty busy in my arty farty world over the last year or so - I know blog posts have been far and few between. I totally blame that on my gorgeous, adorably, and totally cheeky 1 year old son (as you can tell - I kind of like him).  Art and design projects have also been flowing in much faster than I can output them, and on top of that I have been working my little buns off, on something thats been in the pipe works for many a year now - Yep, you might have guessed it from the blog subject line.

I am launching a 
....and the crowd goes WILD!!...well there is a party going off in my head anyway =)

The dazzling new Sillier Than Sally website will be launched by the end of August.

I am still working away on it at the moment, but so far the gallery of all my art, design, illustration and mural work is looking pretty spesh! 
I am in the process of hooking up with an online art gallery to sell originals and prints online. 
I have a fabulous and informative commission art info page in the pipes as well, as commission art request have gone through the roof.....and there is loads and loads more yummy stuff packed in there too =)

I am like a proud little mumma of my website baby, I am really looking forward to introducing her to the world.

If you are half as keen as I am about this new website business - pop your email address in the HERE, so you can check her out on launch day and keep up to date with the marvellous Sillier Than Sally going on's, you can also get your hands on freebies like digital wallpapers....and don't be worried you certainly won't get email overload from me - I'm too busy painting, creating and cuddling my little son to annoy your inbox too much  =)