Sunday, October 30, 2016

November = Sillier Than Sally Water Colour Month Challenge!!!

It’s November and in Sillier Than Sally Land that means 
“30 Days Of Water Colour” Challenge month! 

I would love for you to join me on this fun & sleep deprived (for me) water colour adventure -  I will be posting a new water colour painting daily at 8am on my Facebook page starting Tuesday the 1st of November. This colourful insanity will continue for the whole month of November (so yes, that includes weekends). So join me HERE over on Facebook, as it is definitely a fun arty party ride

Some of last water colour months art...

Water Colour Month Details:
8am daily on Facebook from the 1st of November to the 30th November...
Please check the time zone for your area as thats 8am Australian (AEST), Sydney Time...thats where I hail from.

Water Colours are crazily reduced at $85... 
Rather than $180 to $240, so if you love one you can snap it up...they do seem to get snapped up pretty quickly though....about 15 seconds was the average time last challenge. You can pop “Sold” in the comments section if you would like that days water colour.

This challenge is a huge undertaking (on top of my committed commissions) - documenting, scanning, packaging art and posting is about a weeks worth of work. So I plan to do this the first week in December. If you need your art piece for a special occasion & you need it before then, please let me know and I will wrap it up with love and get it off to you ASAP. 

Postage Options...
Pick up from Engadine Studio: Lunch time Sunday the 20th November and Sunday the 4th December.  Contact Sally to book in pickup time & for studio address.
For Postage: please add + $15 for Aus and +$25 international.

Art comes matted and ready for you to pop into a frame (ikea has some great and affordable frames). If you would like to add a frame to your art piece please add +$60. Your art piece will then come matted and in a large white frame.

There will be a giveaway at the end of November...
I will be giving away 4 x Sillier Than Sally Bird Art 2017 Calendars (FYI - They are really lovely and full of last years watercolour birds), as a thank you to the delightful peoples that have been supporting my art journey online. As all those likes, comments, shares and all round love, helps keep this lass creating away and helps spread the Sillier Than Sally love. It also helps new art lovers to find my work! So don’t forget to get in on the action - spread that love. 

Update your Facebook setting to see the art on your feed when I post it...
This is a big one - don’t forget to update your preferences in Facebook, so that my art will pop up on your home feed first thing. Otherwise Facebook might decide not to show it to you at all (yep, FB does that a lot). Simple fix for that is go to my page go to the “LIKE” button and click “SEE FIRST” so that my art piece pops up on your page when I post it. I have included a scene grab of how to do this below. 

Each Weeks Theme...
Week 1: The Animal Kingdom  |   Week 2: Nature  |   Week 3: Our Winged Friends  |   Week 4: Femme Fatale.

Commissioning An Art Piece...
A lot of time, love, money, sweat & tears go into my water colour art... so please understand that the months challenge price of $85, is for the one daily piece only. Commission prices are below if you would like a creation for yourself.
Water Colour Commission Prices:  A4: $180   |   A3: $240
Portraits (a likeness) Prices: A3: $275

Why a self set challenge...
November 2015 was my first self imposed water colour challenge (to get me creating daily & improve my water colour skills to mad level)… I was super nervous about doing this challenge, putting my work out possible silence... but hells bells peoples, I did not have to worry about that - my art mad friends on Facebook (you guys), went ballistic for the daily art pieces, they were usually snapped up in seconds and the love, likes, shares & all over support was just magical - seriously I think I was on a lovely warm happy high for months afterwards. It was definitely what got me up at 4am to paint each morning!  
So I hence the ‘sleep be damned’ mood I am in, and bring on the next water colour challenge!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Sorry for the lack of blog post's lately, I have been swung off my feet with art projects & commissions of all shapes and juggling being a mamma (to the cutest little boy in the world, yes I am possibly biased), all the while trying to not be the worlds crappiest house wife (I have sooooo much better things to do with my time, then dust and clean)! 

 A really cool new article by "Artsy Shark" a US based art blog came out recently about my last "30 days of water colour challenge" it's a really good read, about how I fell in love with water colours, the "30 days challenge" ....and it has lots of juicy new art for you to peek at.

Original watercolour art by Sillier Than Sally, watercolour birds, Rainbow bee eater,
"Family (Rainbow Bee Eaters)"
Art By Sillier Than Sally
Art prints available HERE

I have lots of new art popping up on my Facebook and Instagram pages so you should definitely join in on the fun over there.

Especially if you are keen to get your hands on some original, affordable art, as my next "30 Days Of Art Challenge" is coming up for the month of September (2016), and my daily artwork will be beamed out across the universe via Facebook each morning. 

Last years artworks got snapped up in seconds each morning (I felt blessed to have such amazing supporters on Facebook) if your keen on grabbing yourself some lovely original art or would just like to join in the fun progress - I would LOVE to see you over on Facebook. 
I need as much support as possible to get my bum out of bed at 4am daily to paint!


The latest "Mixed Media Art Workshops" have been beautifully received, they are so much arty fun!!
My workshop ladies and I have been having some marvellous days creating, painting, stencilling, spray painting, finger painting, having a few sneak wines and dance breaks (where I break out the running man, or some other seriously sweet 80's moves),  all the while creating a texture and layering fabulous art piece.
There are a few more "Mixed media Art Classes" coming up throughout the year, I run them from my Shire (Syd, AUS) based studio.
They are the perfect day for "but, I am not creative" peoples to "arty folk" alike.
I have loads more info on the workshop days HERE

So, till next time...with loads of arty farty love


Sunday, November 1, 2015

"30 Days of Water Colours" Challenge!

I don't know about you, but I find in this busy world of ours I don't get through my to-do & my to-do-wish list each day. So I don't actually get to create art daily - yep, kinda sad coming from an artist! 
For the month of November I will be posting a new water colour painting online at 8am daily! It's an exciting (and slightly insane) art journey, that will see me getting up before the sun each morning and painting away. 

So to commit to this insanity, I thought I'd make it binding by committing to you, my online peeps. I will be posting the photos on Facebook at 8am each morning. 

A new water colour painting will be posted at 8am daily on Facebook.
These original art pieces will be for sale and at an extremely affordable price. My thoughts on the pricing were - original art is not always within everyones budget to buy.... and every home should have some. So this is my way of getting some lovely original art onto walls of happy homes, immersing myself in expanding my skills in water colours, starting my day off in with a creative kick and helping me to afford some art supplies along the way. 
Totes awesome right?

The first water colour artwork that goes on sale starts at $30... and the price goes up $1 daily. First person to comment SOLD in the comments section on Facebook, gets her for their wall =)

A note on pricing - My usual water colour pricing starts from $85 for A5 size and $180 for A4
Sale price is for "30 Days of water colour" art challenge ONLY.

- Please note, commissioning prices and framing prices have gone up slightly this week, as I am creating bigger paintings, they take longer to create and cost more to frame and post! -
If you do see one that you absolutely loved and have missed out on, contact me at or via Facebook and I can create one for you - I will still give a discount on my standard prices, a custom creation (up to A4 size) will be $110 this week, rather than $180. 
But I will only be taking on a certain amount of water colour commissions at this price per week. So be quick!

Postage and handling is added to the price of the art piece: $20 Australia wide and $25 International. I post once a week on Fridays.

The water colour paintings are created on 300gsm water colour paper and come ready for you to frame - Alternatively I can put your artwork together in a frame for you, just let me know and add on $60 ($90 international, due to weight) to the price to cover framing cost and extra postage weight....framing price has gone up this week, due to art work size being A4, frames are bigger - sitting at 33cmx 43cm

Previous Smaller Framing details. 
Rectangle framed art - dimensions 33cm x 23cm.
Square framed art - dimensions 25cm x 25cm.

A payment slip will be sent through to you via email once purchased, with the total and requesting postal address details.

- Framing Example -

There will be a different theme each week:
"Animal Kingdom"
"Birds Oh Glorious Birds"
"Florals and Quotes"
"Feminine Ways"

So I'd love to see you along for the journey....I am going to be needing some encouraging banter along the way and probably a kick up the bum here and there to keep me going =)

If you are new around here - don't forget to check out my lovely new website =)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Sillier Than Sally Art & Design Website!

So after a year in the making...


Call me cray cray, but the launch of my website is pretty much up there with getting married and having a baby!  You can see a peek at my new baby...opps I mean new website below, and check out the whole site at

Art updates and art freebies, will be coming at you via my art letter, which you can easily sign up for HERE

OK, till next time - party on peeps =)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sparkling New STS Website on it's way!

Life has been pretty busy in my arty farty world over the last year or so - I know blog posts have been far and few between. I totally blame that on my gorgeous, adorably, and totally cheeky 1 year old son (as you can tell - I kind of like him).  Art and design projects have also been flowing in much faster than I can output them, and on top of that I have been working my little buns off, on something thats been in the pipe works for many a year now - Yep, you might have guessed it from the blog subject line.

I am launching a 
....and the crowd goes WILD!!...well there is a party going off in my head anyway =)

The dazzling new Sillier Than Sally website will be launched by the end of August.

I am still working away on it at the moment, but so far the gallery of all my art, design, illustration and mural work is looking pretty spesh! 
I am in the process of hooking up with an online art gallery to sell originals and prints online. 
I have a fabulous and informative commission art info page in the pipes as well, as commission art request have gone through the roof.....and there is loads and loads more yummy stuff packed in there too =)

I am like a proud little mumma of my website baby, I am really looking forward to introducing her to the world.

If you are half as keen as I am about this new website business - pop your email address in the HERE, so you can check her out on launch day and keep up to date with the marvellous Sillier Than Sally going on's, you can also get your hands on freebies like digital wallpapers....and don't be worried you certainly won't get email overload from me - I'm too busy painting, creating and cuddling my little son to annoy your inbox too much  =) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holy Smokes Batman - Sillier Than Sally Is In A Group Art Exhibition Next Week!!

That's right, Sillier Than Sally joins forces with "In The Beginning" group art exhibition at new ArtShine Gallery in Chippendale!

Please join us for the opening night from 7pm, Thursday night the 6th of November.

Art Sneak Peak: My lovely elephants on their way to the framers!!

So, as you can imagine, I am SUPER excited about this event...and a wee bit nervous...but mostly excited! 
I have been working on a really dramatic African wildlife series that I will be showcasing at this exhibition. This series of art is quite close to my heart as I have created this body of work from my own photos and fond memories of my utterly jaw dropping and aaaaaamazing journey through Africa.

Art Exhibition Info

...Another quick art sneak peak...come see these lovely creations and more in person at the opening night on Thursday the 6th of November!

This is the launch night of the new ArtShine Gallery in the Chippendale creative precinct come help us celebrate the opening with a bang!! 
Would love to see loads of friendly faces there, for plenty of art talk and wine =) Two of my absolute favourite things!

Information Links -

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Art Work In The Yen Art Awards Competition - get a voting =)

The fantastic Yen Magazine are having their Yen Young Australian Art Award on at the moment.
So I have submitted one of my lovely ink ladies into the Comp...

"Her Eyes Say It All"

Please click on THIS LINK to check it out and while you are there, would love if you could click on the "VOTE FOR PEOPLES CHOICE" button....while you are at it why not "LIKE it and "SHARE" it on facebook =)

There is some fantastic art submitted for this award - you can check out other artists work HERE

Much love