Thursday, January 26, 2012

Street Art/Mural by the Sillier Than Sally Crew!!

This week has been a busy and fun one, full of jewellery designing and painting walls!
My sisters, Cara, Amy and I had a great day on Wednesday, getting our street art on.

We painted a mural on the outside of the pub/club called Name This Bar, on Oxford St,
for the upcoming Sunday Sets DJ Competition, hosted by Flight Deck.

Starting this Sunday at Name This Bar - 6 till late.
Be there if your interested in checking out what all the fuss is about.

I have included some images of the lead up to our handy work below....

Setting up camp, on the not so clean streets of Oxford.
Baby Cypress gets the best spot and also doubles as a paper weight, so we have no fly away drop sheets to worry about. I start with preliminary drawings. Cara gets the tedious job of cutting out all the stencils to be used for spray painting...I love being able to palm off the tedious jobs to Cara....Cara doesn't always like my palming efforts as much as I do though.

Everyone is getting stuck into the painting....even baby Cypress wants a go.

We had a fab day, painting, spray painting, and of course some sneaky painting on each others appendages ... also had some great conversations with interested passer-bys.

Our mural coming together, just putting on the final touches.

Finished and ready to rock out for the upcoming Sunday Sets.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogging about being blogged!

Morning All.
So some exciting news for us here at Sillier Than Sally.
I have been interviewed by the fab creative crew at ArtShine!!

If you would like to check it out, and find out a bit more about the scenic route we took to get here, just click on the below link: 

ArtShine is a fantastic company, their blog is a source of inspiration, knowledge and professional acumen for the creatively minded and working professional!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We have lift off!!

So lovely ladies and gentleman, we have lift off..... "Sillier Than Sally" has launched a Facebook business page, YAY!!!
 Please go for a visit and check it out....stay a while, comment away and dont forget to like the page itself...and if you feel so inclined, pass it onto your fellow man =)
Cara and I are really excited about our new Facebook page as we are finally getting some of our craftiness out there...and its a good thing, as we have plenty of it to share =)

We have some examples below of our clutches, that are now for sale on our Face Book page.
We also have some Calico Tote bags, that have been designed and hand screen printed (with love) by the fabulous team at Sillier Than Sally, Check out the sneak peak below.....keep an eye out on our FB page as they will be up for sale soon.

We love feed back on our design range, so please comment away, via our blog and Facebook =)

Clutch - "The New Black"
This Clutch comes with AWESOME matching burnt orange shoe clips =)

Clutch - "Vintage Picnic"
So this Clutch comes with a pretty sweet matching ring, because we like matchy, matchy around here.

Clutch - "Autumn Dayz"
...and the matchy, matchy continues as we have a beautiful matching broach to go with this one...all you need to do is throw on some clothes and your ready to hit the town with this set!!

To see the rest, head to our FB page =) Link is at the bottom of this post.

Now for a sneak peak at one of our limited edition Tote Bags coming to a Face Book store near you soon....

Calico Screen Printed Tote - "Dripping Cameo."
Great size and light weight, with a deep pocket and clip for house keys...replace that old heavy hand bag!!
More designs on their way and for sale via our FB store soon.

Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed flashing =)
Talk to you next time, hopefully with some news of our coming market stall!