Thursday, March 22, 2012

I might not have won....but A bloody good night was had by all! Check out my art work, from my previous live Art Battle!!

Just recently I competed in a live art battle at Name This Bar on Oxford St.
There was plenty of drinking drawing and I was in my element.

We certainly had a fun filled night, I was up against artist Claire Nakazawa.
We battled it out on the bar walls over 100 minutes, our theme being "A View From My Mind"
My work represented the workings of my mind, the twists and turns, the forks in my thought patterns...the sheer craziness of it all, and the whole magpie mentality I have going for me (I like shiny objects).

So below is our efforts for the night, Claire took the win...but I will get her next time =)

Check out our lovely work and the fab video put together by Ernesto Sumarkho and Name This Bar.

Art Battles Australia is a unique LIVE art movement - hosted at Oxford Street's Name This Bar - combining art and entertainment, with a competitive edge, giving artists and entertainers the opportunity to expose their talents to the public in live shows and exhibitions.

Some of our awesome friends and supporters, there on the night!

Muah, painting away...100 minutes is not long in my books for a I had to stay focused, though I did fit some dancing in as well =)

Claire Nakazawas finished piece, Claire won our Art Battle.

My finished piece!
I even managed to get custom tweaked party poppers up there to continue the flow of craziness from my mind out into the audience. At one stage I actually glue gunned my hand to the wall in my hurry!

All up it was a fantastic night!
Art Battles continue, every second Thursday...with a semi coming up this Thursday the 30th.
Get down there and check it out....and don't forget to check out my new street art adorning the outer bar, photos coming next blog.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designer Markets this coming Saturday... Come check out the Sillier Than Sally stall at The Boutique Markets at the Entertainment Quarter!!

Hello hello.
The oh so crafty ones at Sillier Than Sally, have had a busy few weeks crafting away for our up coming stall at The Boutique Markets this Saturday, 10th March 9am - 1pm.
The market is undercover at the Byron Kennedy Hall, at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.
So rain hail or shine we will be there!

So come down and say hello and check out our lovely wares, along side our fabulous unique clutches, totes bags and bunting.....we are launching a new jewellery line at the markets on Saturday, so we are super super (SUPER) excited!!

There will be plenty to keep you busy, as along side us there are bundles of stalls selling fabulous and unique designs. One of our favorites is BLUCY... .her heart and soul goes into her beautifully handmade, funky, vintage clothing line for kids. 

This is a designer market not to miss!!
So get your little butts a moving and come check out this fabulous boutique markets on Saturday!

Hope to see you Saturday at the Byron Kennedy Hall, see map below.