Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Africa All Wrapped Up....Photos and Art Journaling!

Africa all up was an amazing trip....I am now back in Sydney, over my jet lag, I've caught up on some work and am now ready to blog!
Here is the rest of our trip...Botswana, Namibia and South Africa in photos and art journaling! 
Botswana and the Okavango Delta.
Helicopter over the Delta | Moroko canoes through the river ways | Delta bush walks
Brett making dinner at our campsite, accommodation for the night = awesome straw huts.
Ghanzi Bushmen and women...spoke only in clicks.
Art Journaling | Curious ostridges, medium - acrylic dabbers and prisma coloured pencils.
Namibia | Etosha National Park
Animals | Animals | Animals | =)
Art Journaling | Giraffe, medium - watercolour pencils (el cheep os) and acrylic dabbers
Namibia | Etosha National Park
More Animals mainly gathered around waterholes.
The gazelle doing a number two while looking straight at me, has to be one of my favorites.
Ever seen a giraffe drink...its quite funny and awkward all at the same time!
Namibia | Etosha National Park
Elephants playing, lots of mumma's with their babys.
Sundown at the waterholes is animal peak hour.
Art journaling | Zebras....again! Medium - watercolour pencil in my repurposed children's book/art journal
Namibia | Stipzkoppe
Stunning rock formations 1700 meters above the Namib Desert floor.
Slept under the stars on top of one of the rock formations, the star scape scape going to sleep was AMAZING and the sunrise I woke up to was FRIGGEN AWESOME!
Art Journaling | Little village girl, medium - Ink (distress stain dabbers) and prisma colour pencil.
Namibia | Swakopmund
Interesting town, Swakopmund is just off the roaring South Atlantic Coast, where ocean meets pure desert.
Sand boarding in the Nambi desert, we hit over 70km an hour coming down the dunes....we also had to stay out of the background shots of the movie Mad Max 4 being shot of the dune next to us....no Mel Gibson in this one, just Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron =)
Quad biking in the desert = most fun EVER and stunning landscapes.
Art Journaling | Nylia, she is a 2 years old lion we went on a walk with at Vic Falls, she was lovely....but would try and bite your hand off is she got the chance! medium - Watercolour
Namibia | Sesrium - Dune 45
Quest - to climb one of the highest ad most photographed dunes in the world (Dune 45) before sunrise! Got half way up and nearly threw up from exhaustion....didn't help that I tried running up it at first in my excitement!
900 year old petrified trees, make for a stunning backdrop.
Namibia | Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon = second largest canyon in the world, after the grand canyon.
Ever changing skye scapes in the desert
Brett getting pissie with a horse that decided to stand on our tent while we were trying to put it up, I help out by taking photos of it all and laughing!
South Africa | Cape Town and beyond
The view from Table Mountain, lucky it was good as it was a 3 HOUR wait to get up there on the cable car!
South African coast line = stunning, stunning, stunning.
Art Journaling | Village girl. Medium - Acrylic dabbers and prisma colour pencils
So that is a wrap up of the end of our African Travels...I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, created LOADS of artwork along the way, my journal is literally bursting, it has been taped back together many times now....and I have loads more to create, as I have to get that inspiration out of my head somehow.
Next adventure on the list - ART EXHIBITION!
African inspired art exhibition on its way......lots of artwork to create and logistics to work out!
Plenty more info coming.
Till next time, stay insane....