Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ireland, Sillier Than Sally Adventures (Part 1)

It has been a great few weeks full of adventures, side trips, family catch ups, boating and plenty of sketching on our journey through the beautiful Ireland.
It was a busy week, so get ready for some jam packed blogging...this is part one, part two coming your way tomorrow.

From Bonnie weee Scotland, Brett and I headed to visit family and to stock up on fond memories. Ireland is a stunning country, the countryside is wild and as green as the eye can see with wild flowers dotting the landscape. I have always loved my Ireland...and if you have ever visited you will completely understand what I mean when I say - Ireland sneaks into your soul and will always have a place in your heart, when you leave, you will yearn to go back....and why wouldn't you it's full of the Irish =) =)

From the airport, my lovely cousin Karen picked us up (after a little car dilemma....I can't say any more on that subject as i was actually sworn to secrecy), we were on our way to Atlone, the very centre of Ireland. For a 2 night boating adventure down the river Shannon on my uncle Peters barge.
Lots of good food, plenty of good alcohol, glorious weather, bloody good company, made for some great crack!
A brilliant time was had by all!

Peters barge...who could ask for a better form of transport?!

 Captain Sally!

Sketching away.....

The River you can imagine with surroundings like this, floating along via barge...I was a pretty happy little chappy!


My absolutely awesome, fantastical, lovable uncle Peter

Sunset at around 10pm from inside the barge

Shannon Bridge and the Shannon Fort at dusk...

...Shannon River and Fort the next morning, brought to you by Sallys sketch book and peerless watercolours =)

Sally (the stupid head) going for a swim in the Shannon...

...and yes it was a tad cold....for some reason, no one else would jump in?!?

But it's ok, I made Karen, Peter and Brett feel included by giving them wet hugs as soon as I hoped out! I did not want them to miss out =)

Two sunny days in a row...I think that was a first for Ireland this summer.

Brett and the lovely Karen (being engulfed by Brett) at Clonmacnoise on the Shannon banks, Clonmacnoise Monastery origins date back to 545AD.

More Irish Shenanigans to come tomorrow, in part two of my Ireland stay tuned!


  1. Watching the sunset never fails to make me smile! I always enjoy watching the sunset, and I even have a couple of photos of it that I took every time we went boating. Each has its own story to tell, so don’t wonder if they look different from each other. By the way, who made those sketches?

    -Mark Brown

  2. Hello Mark
    Sunsets are a marvel, aren't they! Sorry about the late reply, for some reason I do not always see posted comments, a glitch I think.
    The sketches are mine, I am an artist/designer...and I art journaled through our trip through, England, Ireland, Scotland and Africa.
    Keep enjoying those sunsets =)