Monday, July 2, 2012

1st Sillier Than Sally UK post! Art journalling and train trips!

Late like usual with my blog...but well....I am on holidays =)
Brett and I are having such a fabulous time galavanting around the UK. We are now in Scotland....I could easily pack up and move here, it is such a stunning country, so vibrant and green, you  have charming Scots everwhere, loads of sweaping landscapes, castles around every corner, fairy grotto around every other corner...and sheep everywhere...Scottish sheep like most other sheep do not like to be hugged....but they do like to hang out on the road and have staring competitions with your car, to see who is going to move first!

Sillier Than Sally Youtube video -train from London to Edinburgh, with a bit of art journalling along the way!
Finished page, with a wee run down on our first few days in Edinbrugh.

 The lovely Edinburgh Castle

Cows with the best hair dos around - Highland Cattle

Stunning Inveraray, towards the west coast of Scotland.

Crinan Canal, West Coast of Scotland.

Random out of the car window snap, while driving towards Oban....Beautiful?? I think so =)

Talk again soon xxx Sally

Also, if you are interested in watercolour painting, here is how to make your own watercolour palet as I have, brought to you by the fabulous Jane Davenport.


  1. Hi Sally,

    I am so jealous lol! and I am so happy for you both to do this trip.

    I think I must plan to go to Scotland for a visit as Stuart's mum is Scottish. It would be great for Stuart to get in touch with Scotland.

    Now I know where the Hollywood film makers shoot their breath taking view.

    I love the Youtube, What a great idea and I do love your journal, it looks amazing.

    Please share more with us.

    Love to both

    Vinh Van Lam

    1. Hello Hello Vinh!

      You would both LOVE Scotland...and what a great excuse to go, as you have family there =)

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support. Means alot to me!

      Love Sally


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