Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nursery Tree Mural

Latest Mural!

We have a little boy on the way....he is due in 5 weeks now (holy Sh!t), and I have finally finished our nursery mural.

My pregnant body and my brain have not really being seeing eye to eye over the last 8 months...we have had a few differences of opinion - like whether I am still super woman or not, whether I am entitled to keep my lunch down or not, and also whether I can move faster than a slow arsed snail or not.....a lot of nots have won out, much to my disgust!!  
So as you can imagine this mural took about a week to complete rather than 2 days! BUT, it did turn out ever so lovely and I hope the little kick boxer in my tummy likes it.

Here are some more photos - 

Our nursery before being attacked by me

Cute close up of Nutty the Squirrel

The crib and mural came together beautifully =)

As we all know, fairies and Pooh Bears live in trees, so this is a close up of the window and door.

The end.
Now it is onto making the curtains....I might have a cup of tea and put my feet up for a bit first though =)


  1. Sally this is ridiculously good... Looks like it's out of a magazine :)