Tuesday, January 28, 2014

African Animal Art!!

Africa - How I love Thee!!

A little while back, I created a series of water colour and ink African animal art, for one of my lovely art clients.

This series was such a pleasure to work on and very close to my heart and also very close to my clients heart, as I created the series from their original photos from one of their many African adventures.

Interested in a print of this lovely elephant? You can grab one HERE

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Some art series details:
This art series is actually quite large, close to a meter wide, so it was a job I worked on over quite a few weeks and became completely immersed in....well here are some more photos...

These are the photos that I created the series from...

Working on the wild dogs painting

Up close and personal with wild dogs - So cute and slightly feral at the same time!! 
I'd say they would try gnawing your head off if you went in for a hug!

Botswana wild dogs - The finished piece.

Close up of the elephant art work piece...elephants have such amazing eyelashes, they have a mind of their own, and are so long!

Proud Botswana elephant - The finished piece.

Close up of my leopard artwork.....this lovely lady took quite a while to create - look at all those spots!

Botswana leopard, basking in the afternoon sun - The finished piece. 

And last, the Botswana water buffalo - the finished piece.
This guy had so much attitude, he was such a pleasure to draw/paint.

I am looking forward to (when time allows) further creating a large series of African Animal paintings and drawings....I have so many amazing photos and memories from my own Adventures in Africa to draw from.

It is definitely high on my to-do-list, so hopefully a bit later this year there will be news of an exhibition, I just need a month or two spare to create my series of what are sure to be masterpieces =) =)

Till next blog, stay safe