Monday, December 5, 2011

Painting of Chubby! New animal portrait.

So I am delving back into the world of animal portraits.
How I love our little furred friends....and to be able to create art work that captures their soulful eyes, spirit and cheekiness as commissioned art... well, in my opinion there is nothing better!

Here is Chubby's story.....
Chubby was a much loved rescue staffie, she lived a long life (against all odds.... due to numerous tumors and other major health issues and a habit of jumping off buildings), full of love, courage and gumption. Chubby died last Christmas.

For her owners she is a symbol of strength, determination and will power.

I was asked to commission a large canvas art work of her (as her owners had heard just how ridiculously awesome I am =) and I of course could not wait to get stuck into finding out all about Chubby and creating a large scale art work of her......So here she is...

Painting process - Layered acrylic and spray paint on canvas.
Layered vintage classical sheet music used in sections, the sheet music was a waltz from the 1940's
"When your hair has turned to silver, I will love you just the same."
The beautiful wording tugged at my heart, and so suited Chubby and how her owners felt about her.
In sections it had been torn and taped back together... alot like Chubby herself.

I am definitely excited about creating more fabulous animal portraits, (insert shameless plug) give me a yell or a bell if you or anyone you know is interested?

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