Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funky summer clutches on their way!!!

Well boys and girls.....we are nearly there, we have a new line of limited edition clutches on their way!
I am super super excited, as Cara (my fantastic sister) and I have been immersed in creating a fun, flirty array of bright, dynamic clutches, for the not so disconcerting fantastic females out there!

Our clutches are completely hand made by the Sillier than Sally crew with love.
They have a fab pocket, for cards and money, so you can ditch your wallet for your outing.
They also sport a clip to attach your house keys 2 for ease... so no searching for or losing them after a day or nights shenanigans.

Below is a sneak peak of whats to come.
Clutches will be for sale through a Face book page, that's coming soon.

I love a beautifully set up photo shoot...


...Beautiful high quality designer and vintage fabrics used...

Hope you liked our sneak peak at a small part of whats to come from the gang at Sillier than Sally.
More funky, fruity, and slightly off centre designs to come, so stay tuned and look out for the upcoming Sillier than Sally Face book page.


  1. Hey Sal,

    They are absolutely beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS!!! - the photography is great too!!

    Can't wait to buy them all up!

    Mac :)

  2. Hehe, thank Mac. I love when someone loves them as much as we do. Makes me a happy lass.