Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vic Falls, Chobe and the Okavango Delta!!

Victoria Falls – I love you!  You were amazing, as I always knew you would be.
A great time was had by all at Victoria Falls and the falls themselves are stunning. It is dry season at the moment, so the falls were not at their fullest, but still powerful. We checked it out from the Zambia side and the Zimbabwe side. Vic Falls is activity central… you can get up to all sorts of fun stuff! We went for a pretty amazing walk with lions and I finally got a chance to pet a fully grown lion (well she was almost fully grown - 2). The patting was done with a sharp eye kept on your exit route at all times, as they were quite lively lioness.
We went for a sunset cruise down the Zambezi River, cocktail in hand, with hippos popping up now and then to eyeball us and elephants cooling off in the river nearby.
We also checked out Livingstone Island on top of Victoria Falls, and the Devils Pools….which is a fab little natural swimming hole perched on top of the falls. Jumping in and leaning over the edge to check out the falls, falling away to a 182 metre drop below, was pretty sweet… The guide did have a hold of my ankle, both my hubby and I survived, so I guess it is pretty safe…. I did find out later that a few people have gone over the edge over the years….some never to be found again….. 

After a few lovely days spent on the Zambezi River, we were off again…headed to Botswana and Chobe National Park….Botswana is a beautiful country, full of friendly people and kids waving like crazy from the road side as we pass. A morning game drive through Chobe National park got us extremely up close to a herd of elephants. Big moment for me as I am a huge elephant fan!
A sunset cruise on the Chobe River brought us up close and personal to everything from hippos, to crocks eating a hippo, to seriously cantankerous looking buffalo, to again herds and herds of elephants, and plenty of birdlife. 

Next (after a long, long drive) onto bush camping in the Okavango Delta. The Delta is a maze of rivers and reed covered swampland. Our mode of transport to get to our island camp was via Moroko (a canoe like boat, crafted out of a tree trunk). It was without doubt the most relaxing way to travel….making our way slowly through lapping lily covered water, reeds parting at the bow of the boat with the odd spider being surprised and knocked of its perch by your passing and trying to crawl up your nose or nest in your shoe… and did I mention the sun drenched lapping water?? Well I certainly enjoyed it!
On an evening game walk, we came across elephants, zebras and antelope…also a pretty amazing sunset. Dinner was had around the camp fire and our local guides had a grand old time singing some local African songs and getting their dance on. It was brill!

So now we are headed through Namibia to the capital city Windhoek for dinner and some festivities…. (festivities depending on how drunk we get =)  Thinking about upgrading to a room….camping, the African heat and a long days driving don’t always go to well together!

Tomorrow we are heading further into the desert for some sand boarding and quad biking on the dunes of the Kalahari Desert.

Till next time
xxx Sal 

 Victoria Falls!!

 About to jump in to the Devils Pools, above the falls!

 Hanging over the edge of Devils was an amazing experience.
Both Brett and I loved it.

The Devils Pools from Zimbabwe side...if you look closely you can see some people sitting in the pools!

  Drawing (with watercolour pencils) of the stunning acacia trees that dot Africa.

 View from Zambezi River cruise.

 Getting up close with the lions!

 Brett about to lose his hand, on our lion walk!

Cutest monkey ever!

Random art journal sketch =)

Yep, another zebra....what can i say....I LOVE zebras!

.....more zebras....watercolour pencil sketch from my art journal.


  1. Had to stop and say it was nice see your watercolors and enjoyment expressed of your trip through your artwork. I was looking up lion refs and found a jolly human female happily displaying a lion and assorted wildlife she was so proud to have put arrows through. I was disgusted. I don't understand the need to kill for pleasure.

    I was glad my search revealed your blog and your wonderful watercolor captures of your African trip. Love the zebra portrait.

    1. Hello there,

      Only just saw this comment, so really late reply, sorry!

      Glad my watercolours cheered you up after not so nice imagery. Africa was such an amazing inspiring place, I could hardly contain my excitement at being able to draw and photograph such amazing animals.

      I'll keep on painting them, as it makes me happy as well =)